Spring is Back and So am I

I had other things going on in my life and I neglected this blog. I’ve moved into a new place, I have new plants, and I feel like blogging again. The gardening bug bit hard so I bought some plants for indoors and out. I actually didn’t get to plant them until this weekend though. I have a much smaller patio now, but this didn’t stop me from filling it up. I’m also going to give veggies a go, as my place faces south. I bought tomatoes and jalapenos. Some of my plants from the old place survived and are blooming like crazy. They love the weather and the new location. I ran out of dirt, and I am looking for an unusual planter to put the last of my flowers into. Then I think I’d better quite, lol!

Before I moved everything around:


Anatomy of a Mushroom Cloud

The Dog Days of April

The Buddha is happy that today was another gorgeous spring day. Partly cloudy, breezy, and not hot. One can dream that it will stay this way forever. I can dream, but I live in Texas. I know it can’t last. As I was working outside, my neighbors walked by and introduced themselves. They complimented me on my garden. I beamed. 🙂

Today I planted my regal geranium with some Irish moss. I don’t know which I love more. I need to wash the pots. They get muddy when it rains.

I’m squeeing I’m so happy! My pin cushion plant is finally flowering!

Rei helped me hang the paper lanterns. We are officially ready to party! I’ve got scrabble and checker boards painted on the table. Who wants to play?

Next weekend I need to get more plants to fill up all these empty pots!

Spring Has Sprung

March brought the first flowers. A hyacinth in an unexpected spot behind my apartment.

The pear trees with fragrant white blossoms. Now they are all leafed out.

The dust and pollen over everything.

Tucker trying to escape.

I got a new shelf for my candles.

Today there are precious blue flowers. Labrador violet.

Dusty miller with new growth.

Purple shamrocks have come out of dormancy.

Oregano survived the snow.

And finally, after 3 years of begging, pleading, and waiting, my pin cushion plant has buds on it!

Snowpocalypse 2010

I woke up to snow this morning. It was quite fun. I grabbed my camera on my way out and snapped some photos before heading to work. Then we were let out early, and I was able to take some more photos when I got home. I ‘shopped all the photos with a warm duotone. Today reminded me why I got a photo degree. 🙂

Snowpocalypse photo album

Snow at 9pm

I think we got about an inch of snow. The snow is great. The wind is awful.

I’m Starting to Believe

45 minutes later

Merry White Christmas!

I’m totally shocked it’s snowing on Christmas Eve in DFW. They are predicting 1-3 inches. Yesterday it was 73 degress, so the ground is warm. I won’t hold my breath for 3 inches.

The New Place

So we’ve moved since I last posted. It’s been unusually cold this December, so a lot of my annuals gave up the ghost already. I’m still unpacking inside, so I probably won’t get around to gardening any time soon. I did spend some time arranging everything on the back patio. I also have a small table and two chairs in front, under the stairs to the upstairs apartment.

I don’t have room for this table inside.  It’s painted with checkers and scrabble boards, and it’s ready and waiting for friends to play with!

I’m so happy to have a real screen door!

Vampire Gardening

I’ve been jonesing to put out more plants for weeks, but it’s been too hot. Finally I gave in yesterday. I bought plants at two stores, then waited til 1am when the temp cooled down to 87 degrees to start potting them. I finished at 3:30am, drenched in sweat and dirt, and very tired.

Caladiums are doing well on my patio, so I got three more. Here’s one.

A few weeks ago I took the chairs down from the upper deck so I would have more rooms for plants. No one comes over anyway. I’m filling it up.

This side gets harsh afternoon light for a few hours.

I got two new varieties of ornamental pepper. The one on the right has variegated purple leaves.

My other new caladium, and an iron hanger I got a while back. I don’t really like the candle holder I put in it because it hangs down too much. I will have to find something else.

I finally planted the poor thing in the red pot. I bought it months ago and I’m surprised it survived. I couldn’t find more Persian shield. I really love it’s purple leaves.

I got some coleus and sweet potato vine. I’ve seen the sweet potato vine in mass beds and it’s really pretty.

I got three purple queens in 4in pots, and they were really overgrown. They already overfill this container. My Buddha is being blinded by sun.

I killed my ficus tree, so I was looking for a replacement. I found this rubber plant on sale for $5. Lula checks it out.

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